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Unleash Your Authentic Voice Program

A powerful 12-week group coaching program to accelerate your confidence as a content creator who embraces your voice, owns your imperfections, and feels fully expressed

What flowticipants are saying 

“When I interviewed Gavin on my show, BwB Tv I knew immediately he had a special gift and working with him confirmed this. I wanted to find an edge through voice and communication nuances, which I could use to add even greater value through my coaching and on my show...and I received so much more. Gavin goes above and beyond and tailored a program for my specific requirements, from energetic release to finding ways to create an edge and anchoring resourceful states to getting messy and just having fun...Gavin is an artist, a go-giver, driven to see you succeed, his expressions are priceless and his insights and tools powerful. Thank you Gavin for opening my mind up to the power of voice!”

Carmen Wilde, Business Breakthrough Mentor; High-Performance Coach; Founder & Host BwB Tv

“Gavin has left a huge impact on me in my professional and personal life. During his session, I noticed that he can separate things in the mind and was very aware and careful on his approach. He worked with me on my professional setbacks and created a pathway for me to overcome those obstacles. It really amazes me how he can organize my complex thoughts and provide a visual and other tools to handle challenging environments. His gratitude workshop also reinforced positivity and triggered something in me to pursue a healthier relationship with myself that eventually flowed into other aspects of my life. I went home both nights feeling really good about myself and for finally having solutions to my long-term internal battles.”

Cynthia Kadowaki, Accountant

“Before our coaching, I was closed off, my relationships were faltering, and my ways of going about my daily life were like pools of stagnant, murky water. Gavin really opened me up to what could be possible in my life. Every session was a unique experience with an opportunity to try out a different flavor of authentic expression. We focused on vocal training. I found it extremely helpful in affecting the quality of my thoughts and testing out different expressions with higher energy. I previously had no idea what my natural voice sounds like! That was a huge gamechanger in moving forward. A few weeks later I danced around with my mom on Halloween while we were passing out candy, and I am infinitely glad I got to share that silly connection with her even though I felt uncomfortable at first. Life is too short to be that self-conscious around loved ones.”

Nathan Kimura, Design Engineer


Unleash Your Authentic Voice

  • A powerful 12-week group coaching program 
  • ​Accelerate your confidence as a content creator 
  • ​Embrace your voice
  • ​Own your imperfections
  • ​And feel fully expressed


Hi, I'm Gavin

Gavin Masumiya was the shy, insecure Asian boy with blue braces in the classroom who got bullied for ‘flunking.’ Now, as an acclaimed vocal confidence coach, he helps aspiring content creators learn to love their voice and speak up for the things they believe in. Earning his Psychology degree from UC, Irvine, getting certified from one of the most extensive ICF Accredited Coaching Programs (iPEC), and being a multi-award winning Toastmasters International Speaker - Gavin envisions a world where people of color thrive as leaders - and he believes it starts with owning their voice. 

Over the past 6 years, he has worked internationally with both men and women from technology, finance, school psychology, engineering, to the US Armed Services. Gavin has united families with lots of conflict, inspired new career paths in business coaching, brought teams together during trying times in quarantine, and has helped individuals with excessive social anxiety become more proficient public speakers.

He is the founder of FlowFam, a movement and service that unlocks creative expression, self-confidence, and feeling truly heard for who you are. FlowFam has touched the lives of people from 18 different countries, from children as young as 10 to 71 years of age. 

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FlowFam is a fun, creative, healing space for spiritual creatives and artists to be unapologetically expressed and truly heard. 
Inside of these sacred, intimate experiences, individuals access an inner wisdom of worldclass performers (aka flow state). It is a confidence-building vehicle unlike anything else, tapping into an optimal state of consciousness - through the emotive power of music - where you feel your best and perform your best.

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